Marian Rivera’s pregnacy tips for first time Moms

Mommy Marian’s tips for first time Moms

Through LifeCord Marian gave tips for Moms who ate going to give birth for the first time.

She said that it is important to be thankful. “First of all, be thankful. That blessing is super important, it was given by God himself.” She said.

“Second is while you are waiting for your baby’s arrival, try to read more and research on how you could take care of your baby properly and also yourself.”

She also said the importance of being happy while pregnant. “It is important to be happy while you are pregnant.”

“And lastly, as early as today, you should think about the future health of your baby. For me the best decision I made when I was pregnant is to sign up with cordlife.” She said.

“Knowing that there are things that can secure the health of your children if ever there’s an unfortunate thing to happen, it will give you piece of mind.”