Marian narrates her paglilihi journey with Zia and Sixto

What’s the difference?

Marian Rivera-Dantes is a proud cord life Mom.

In a video released by cord life, she answers question and talk about her journey as a mother.

“I know a lot of you were thinking, what were the preparations or as they say ‘my style’ when it comes to being a good hands on mom.

I know we have different styles of raising our children but with that being said, I know that when we talk about our family’s health, we are all united as one.” She said.

Marian shared her paglilihi journey during her 2 pregnancies.

“Paglilihi huh.. I truly believe it. I craved hawhaw milk candy. Anything that are white candies and tomatoes.

While with Sixto, I craved to eat sour things like Kamias. I craved different things for Zia and Ziggy, maybe its because they have opposite genders.

People say that when you are pregnant and you craved sweet things then you are having a baby girl. But once you craved sour food, it means that toure having a baby boy.”