Mom narrates another story how nice Zia is to her daughter

Mom narrates another story how nice Zia is to her daughter

The Dantes Squad attended the 1st birthday celebration of Baby Shiloh, Arthur and Rochelle Solinap’s daughter.

Baby Shiloh is Zia and Ziggy’s cousin. Look how adorable they are. Ate Zia is so fond of Baby Shiloh.

She indeed what a baby sister this time.

Ms Aiera Garcia of shared another story of how kind Zia is. When her daughter Zia Yu was seated beside her during the birthday of Zia’s cousin Shiloh.”

“My daughter held the toy (a rag doll) on the table belonged to Zia Dantes. Unlike other kids, Zia did not immediately retrieve her toy.

She was chill about it as she slowly got her toy from my daughter’s hand. This was the first time my daughter sat beside her.

Other kids will probably be annoyed at my daughter throughout the party with the thought that this kid beside me grabbed my toy without permission but this was not the case with Zia (she later shared her cupcake).

I was immediately in awe and wondered how Zia was raised by Dong and Yan, so admirable.”

We are truly proud of you Ate Zia. And thank you Ms Aiera for sharing the photos and stories.