Sunshine and Marian have feud?

Sunshine warns a netizen

Theres a funny netizen who ask Sunshine Dizon on her instgram if she is in good terms with Marian Rivera.

The question is quite off because the netizen commented on Shine post that thank the public who watched her episode in Tadhana last Feb 8.

Sunshine is a guest in the said drama anthology that were hosted by Marian. The episode got a high rating, title ‘ Magkano and Forever’ thats why she posted the ratings and congratulated the whole team.

The netizen commented, “are you not in good terms with @marianrivera? Im Just curious, Im both your follower.”

Sunshine answered her instantly.

“What are you insinuating? Didn’t I just congratulated Team Tadhana in which she leads. Please dont start things that could turn ugly because we consider them family,” Shine replied.

It is quite odd because she congratulated them in her post and yet people still have something bad to say about it.