Full Video: 4 year-old Zia Dantes knows the value of sharing

Watch what Zia did when she noticed her friend had no food yet

At the birthday party of Baby Shiloh (daughter of Rochelle Pangilinan and Arthur Solinap), Zia Dantes had Zia Yu for her seatmate.

When Zia noticed that Zia Y had no food yet, she said, “I’ll give you my cupcake”. Zia though had to take back the cupcake and double checked if Zia Y can have the chocolate cupcake.

Zia D asked Zia Yu’s mom, “Is she allowed (to have) cupcake?”. When Zia Yu’s mom said ‘yes’, Zia D gave back the cupcake to Zia Yu. Zia nodded when Zia Y asked her, “Akin na (Mine)?”.

The last part of the video is about Zia Dantes telling her Nanny that her seatmate has the same name as hers.

Zia Yu’s Mom also posted on her facebook account about their experience.

Throughout Shiloh’s party, I was seated near Zia, and I witnessed what a kind child she is. When my daughter went back to her seat, Zia noticed that my daughter had no food yet and heard her saying ‘I am hungry Mommy’.

Zia first asked me if my daughter is allowed to have chocolate cupcake and then gave her cupcake to my daughter.

She is very obedient to Marian. At the entrance area, I overheard Marian telling Zia not have her pictures taken with strangers.

When I asked Zia for permission to have a photo with her, even if she wanted to, she told me, “My mama said I’m not allowed”.

That’s why Zia was not looking at the camera in the photos I posted which were mostly stolen shots. It was even Zia who initiated a conversation w/ my daughter. How delightful it is.