Ziggy visits Marian on set

When Ziggy visits Mama Marian on the set

Even though Marian Rivera-Dantes is quite busy lately she still look after her two children Zia and Ziggy. She is balancing her time between being a Mom, Wife and Work

“Is she a tough wife or a tough mom?” She was asked.

“Thats hard to answer. I think im both. You cannot neglect your time for your husband, because if it wasnt for your husband, theres no tough mama.”

“well, when you say tough mama, you need to balance everything. Being a mother, a wife and having a work at the same time.

“So thats it for me. Because its hard to maneuver all those 3 at the same time for a mother. If you’re tough, you can do it all.” She said.

“Everything that I could do at home, I do it. Its because I believe that you have to have ‘me time’ for yourself.”

“There’s a saying about ‘You cant give something you dont have.’ So how can you give your whole to the people you love if you cant take care of yourself?

“Its much better if you give yourself whole and completely. So that when you give it to someone else, they will feel that love for the rest of their life.”

Ziggy recently visited his Mom at work, this is what happened. Such a precious moment.