Zia and Marian’s newest tvc for Nido 3+

Nido 3+ newest TV Commercial.

Super Mom Marian Rivera shared how she make sure Zia gets all the nutrients she needs.

“As a mom, you need to have checklists. Of course, we cant complete the needed nutrition of our child in one meal, so we need Nido 3+.”

What if Zia and Ziggy doesn’t like the food?

“Maybe, as advice. If they really didn’t like the food, try it for the second or third time.

“We shouldnt force it because there’s a lot of substitution you could buy, so you don’t have to scold your child about food.”

Marian said Ate zia loves to drink Nido 3+ before she goes to school. And that she is assured that Zia is protected with complete nutrition.

Nido 3+ just released Marian and Zia’s newest tv commercial.

Ate Zia is getting really good at acting just like her parents. Good job ate Zia!