Zia hilariously photobomb her Mom

Ate Zia photobomb her Momma

The Dantes Family took a short out of town vacation this weekend to celebrate Valentine’s Day and Ziggy’s 10th month.

Celebrating Valentine’s day change for Dingdong and Marian ever since their two beautiful children arrived.

They are not celebrating Valentine’s with just the two of them but it became a family affair. Even date night is different.

Dong shared that whenever him and marian go out for a date they immediately missed their children. Sometimes they even make U-turn to take Zia and Ziggy with them.

Dong shared a hilarious photo of Marian getting photobomb by her daughter Zia.

He captioned, “In my attempt to take a good solo shot of her, a better one emerged!”.

Ate Zia hilariously copied her Daddy Dong while he was taking solo shot of Mama Marian.

Dong also posted a photo of Marian and Ziggy to mark Ziggy’s 10th month. He captioned “Ngiting pangsampu!”.

Spending some quality time together is very important for Dingdong and Marian.

Even though both of them are busy they remain to be a hands on parents to their two children Zia and Ziggy.