Dingdong explained how he got promoted to lieutenant commander.

Dong is a reservist.

He said that its a long process. But it was brought to him for being the head of his non-profit organization Yes Pinoy Foundation.

“It was greatly delibirated. Back in 2006, I was a reservist at the Philippine Marines. Philippine Marines is under Philippine Navy. After that, our partnership started.

“With our organization, the Yes Pinoy Foundation, we got attached at the reservists of marines. You call it affiliate. So I’m under the PNARU (Philippine Navy Affiliate Reserved Unit).

“So it means that we are helping in combat support, like Combat Support Battalion.

“Whatever they need, like vehicles, man power and we even have doctors,” he explained thouroughly.

“Right now, we are concentrating on disaster preparedness. So, for several years, thats what Yes Pinoy Foundation main focused on.

“Wherever we go, we take it with us, always the marines.

“In a way, it became a project of the military because its in their soldier interest to keep the community safe, especially the youth. Thats where we enter. So, we are volunteers and we assist them,” he added.

He became a commission officer first before he got recommended for a rank promotion.

“His responsibility and obligation has spread bigger as a head of Yes Pinoy.” said the actor.