Dong’s Valentine’s Day surprise for wife Marian

Valentine’s Day surprise!

Today is Valentine’s Day and Marian’ flowershop Flora Vida by Marian was very busy delivering orders.

“I am happy and surprise how people like the products. That’s why what I’m doing now is, I’m having a native vases done.” Marian shared on her interview with the weekly docu-series ‘Tadhana’.

Every vase that will be sold will help our fellow Filipinos in Mindanao, she added.

She donated the first proceeds of her business to the people in Romblon.

And she haven’t forgotten to help her Smile Train campaign for children who have cleft palate condition. She gave all her business proceeds when there’s an occasion like when it’s her birthday and so.

Is there any business income left for her?

“It’s okay, What’s important is I’m happy with what I do.” the primetime queen said.

The Lady Boss received a surprise today from her husband Dong Dantes.

She posted, “This is what welcomed me in my HQ today Even if I own a flower shop, I still get excited and happy whenever I receive flowers but this one is extra special because it’s from Dong— “Mi Amor”. Thank you for the beautiful flowers and sweet letter mahal ko.

Thanks to everyone who ordered Flora Vida too for their loved ones.

Happy Valentine’s day!”