Dong and Marian shared about Valentine plans

Valentines Day have a new meaning for the couple Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera now that they have 2 kids.

Moments like these is cuteness overload, the 2 children of the Kapuso Royalties Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera, Zia and Ziggy are certified heart melters! Not only they are cute but the two siblings are also very affectionate. DongYan admits that they cant get enough of these kind of moments which brings a lot of excitement to their hearts.

A lot of us still cant get over what happen to Valentines last year, where the pregnant Marian and Zia suprises Daddy Dingdong and now they are 4.

“It will melt you and you will look for more. Thats why when I’m at work, I always look forward to go home to see my 2 children. Dong might get jealous chosss!”

There a new meaning of Valentines Day for DongYan. For the two of them, its already Love Day when they are complete as a family.

“Everyday is valentines day when you’re with your loved ones.” Dong said.

You can see that the vacation of Dantes Squad is indeed travel goals and when theres a special occassion, its considered double date because they are with their children.

Dong cleared that they have ‘alone time’ date this coming Valentines Days but they expect that theres more moments that they cant resist to see their babies.

“Sometimes the two of us go out alone and within 30 minutes to an hour, we’re already missing the children. There are times that we just go on U turn to comeback and take the kids with us. “let go, let the four of us go together'” Dong shared.