Dingdong Dantes wish to work again with Marian

Dong wants to work with Marian again.

The entertainment press asked Dingdong Dantes if he and his wife Marian Rivera are considering the possibilities that after making different tv series now, the next one will be them together because people miss to see their tandem on screen.

“I wish its for a movie,” Dong said smiling.

Anyway, last monday the much awaited primetime series of Dingdong and Jennylyn Mercado finally aired.

We can see how Dingdong is really excited and happy about how the scenes have turned out, especially the pilot episode last monday.

It seems like Dingdong and Jennylyn are the trust worthy artist to do the adaptation of some of the biggest Korean series.

On Dingdong’s part, he is one of first artist who do it few years ago.

He also finish filiming the movie A Hard Day whuch is another Philippine adaptation of a Korean film.

Dingdong laugh when we told him that we can add King of Korean adapatation to his title aside from being the Primetime King. “Next time I will have my vacation there,” he said laughing.