Watch Zia practice to play the drum

Zia plays the drum

Way back in 2006, Dingdong Dantes is already a reservist of Philippine Marines under Philippine Navy.

That’s why its no suprise that hir rank got promoted to Lt. Commander of Philippine Navy and its also because of the affiliation of his Yes Pinoy Foundation.

In the previous erruption of Taal Volcano, Dingdong and his Yes Pinoy Foundation, Philippine Army and Philippine Navy are one of the people who help the affected victims.

Meanwhile, the military training of Dingdong and his co-stars have a great help in doing their newest primetime series, the Philippine adaptation of the Korean telenovela ‘ Descendants of the Sun’.

The series startes airing last Monday. Also starring Jennylyn Mercado as Dr. Maxine de la Cruz or Doctor Beauty.

Even though Dong is very busy he still finds time to teach Zia the drums.

Dong and Zia both shared the love of playing the drums. Dong has been teaching Zia to play the drums whenever they are at home.

They shared a clip of Zia while practicing to paly the drums. She has a special method. So cute.