Adorable behind the scenes from Dantes Fam Ceelin Plus TVC

BTS of Dantes Fam Ceelin Plus

Marian shared an early valentine card from Zia, Zia’s drawing is very cute. It seems like she adopted Marian’s talent on painting.

Although its a bummer that Marian haven’t organize any painting exhibit for now. Her works are indeed beautiful. Seems like Zia is born to be in showbiz.

At her young age, you can see that she is interested in what her parents Dingdong and Marian do.

Shes great at dancing and singing. Shes has a very dandy personality and shes not shy. Shes used to be talktaive in her mom and dad friends.

And shes having a lot of endorsements lately. The latest one is with Ceelin Plus. They shared a behind the scene clip from the tv shoot.

Daddy Dong sneezes and Zia put her hands up to stop it. So adorable!

But Dingdong said that Zia should finish her studies first before she could enter showbiz.

Its just right, she can enter the world of showbizness when shes at her right age. Love you Zia!