Marian protective measures for Zia and Ziggy

Marian shared how she protects Zia and Ziggy

The Panagbenga Festival that was held every February is soon to be re-schedule. Due to Corona virus outbreak, they cancel the openning day last week Feb 2.

According to some Baguio residents when we interviewed them last Friday, the festival is a month long celebration.

Although, their business has been greatly affected especially those who have transient homes for rent because a lot of people have cancel their reservations due to the outbreak.

Both residents and tourist are wearking face mask in Baguio and they evevn get the facemask sold out.

Meanwhile, even Marian Rivera is all out protective on her children, especially to their first born Zia.

She follow the advice from health authorities the correct way to wash your hands and wearing face mask.

Other artist avoid ‘beso-beso’ even if its an old tradition greeting in showbiz.