How Dong stays hands-on Dad to Zia and Ziggy

despite his busy schedule Dong is still a hands-on Dad to His children

The Kapuso Primetime King Dingdong Dantes has return on TV with his new series, the Philippine adaptation of the hit Koreanovela of the same title, Descendants of the Sun.

He is partnered with Jennylyn Mercado, directed by Dominic Zapata. It is said to be aired this coming February 10.

Not long ago, Dingdong was awarded by the Philippine Navy a Lt Commander rank where he is enlisted since 2016.

Dingdong is one of the renowned actors who helped the victims of Taal volcano eruption together with some officials from the Philippine Navy.

If Dingdong havent enter the world of showbiz, hell be most likely to be a full-pledge Philippine Navy or part of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

Dingdong thanked his wife Marian for being supportive and understanding when he is busy with work or his Yes Pinoy Foundation. “When im not home, she makes it a point that shes with our kids (Zia and Ziggy)”, Dong said.

“As much as possible I want to be there in my kids milestone as they grew up. Thats why when I get a window (chance) at work, I make it a point to go home and see my children.

There are times that they’re already fast asleep when I come home and I wake them up so they could see me,” Dong shared as a hands-on father of his two kids with Marian.

“Actually, Marian and I are both hands-on when it comes to our children,” he added.

Being a busy person, Dingdong still have his ways to avoid neglecting his family.

Although Dong forsee some signs about Zia that shes is eager to enter showbiz one day, as a father he wanted Zia to finish her studies first before doing anything else.

Meanwhile, John Arcilla is Dingdong co-star at the local movie adaptation of another Korean movie , A Hard Day.

It was under Viva Films who wanted to have it as their entry at the first Metro Manila Summer Film Festival from April 11 to 21, 2020.

Dingdong is also scheduled to do a movie remake under Viva Films, Joaquin Bordado written by Carlo J Caparas.

It was first starred by Ramon Revilla in 1998 directed by Carlo J. and in 2008 it was air as a tv series directed by Mac Alejandre starring Robin Padilla.