Dong, Marian and Zia Ceelin Vitamins TVC

Dantes family new endorsement

Dong, Marian and Zia Dantes is the new brand ambassadors of Ceelin Vitamins.

Ceelin is a nutritional supplements used for the prevention and treatment of deficiencies of vitamin C and zinc.

Young children are growing rapidly and their immune system may not yet be fully developed. Hence, supplementation with vitamin C and zinc may be beneficial.

Vitamin C and zinc together help the body’s natural defense against damaging free radicals (antioxidant effect) and help boost immune function. 

Ceelin posted on their official social media account, “Number 1 priority ni Mommy Yan and Daddy Dong ang fully-loaded immunity ni Zia. Kaya they give her Ascorbic Acid + Zinc (Ceelin Plus) to help boost her daily protection against viruses and sicknesses.

Marian also posted the tvc on her instagram account.

“Pwedeng bumaba ang immunity sa dami ng activities – pero si Zia laging fully loaded ang immunity! Kasi she takes Ascorbic Acid + Zinc (Ceelin Plus) every day! Swipe left to know more about Ceelin Plus.

Daily intake of Vitamin C & Zinc helps boost immunity.”