NBA Legend Kobe Bryant and daughter Gianna killed in a helicopter crash

NBA Legend Kobe Bryant passed away

It’s undeniable how much filipinos love basketball.

Kobe Bryant is one of the most celebrated basketball players and being idolized and look up to by Filipino fans.

Earlier today, news broke that NBA Legend Kobe Bryant and his 13 year-old daughter Gianna were killed when the helicopter they were riding crashed at the hills of Calabasas.

The father and daughter duo flew to attend a basketball game. Fans all over the world are absolutely in shocked and heart broken.

He is a monster in basketball and a King in the hearts of his fans. He played two decades in the NBA with Los Angeles Lakers.

Kobe is a five-time NBA champion and 18 time NBA all-star. April 2016 when we last saw him play in the NBA, his last game before he retired.

He is an inspiration and an idol to many basketball players and fans around the world most specially in the philippines.

He visited the philippines a couple of times and played basketball with filipino fans.

Our hearts and prayers goes out to Kobe Bryants family. What a tragic way to lose a hero.

He will never be forgotten.