Dong Dantes gives credit to social workers

“The real heroes are the social workers” – Dong Dantes

When Taal Volcano erupted last January 12, 2019. Dong Dantes and his Yes Pinoy foundation is one of the first responders who sent help for the victims of the eruption.

With the whole team of Yes Pinoy Foundation and with the help of Philippine Navy, last January 17, Dong Dantes went to the evacuation centers in Balayan Batangas.

The press got to ask him about it during the pictorial for descendants of the sun.

Dong shared they will continue to help the evacuees. He also wants to give credit to the social workers and all volunteers on the field.

He said social workers often don’t get the credit they deserve.

“We have the unsung heroes, the real story and our true heroes on the ground are our social workers.

And also all volunteers, they are all very dedicated. We should also be grateful to them.” He said.

“I really salute all our social workers on the field. We don’t know for how long our kababayan need to stay at evacuation centers” he said.

Here’s a clip of Dong’s interview: