Zia giving her Mom a helping hand

Zia giving her Mom a helping hand, good job !

Marian Rivera has continue to show he support for filipino made products. Even the vase she uses for her Flora Vida by Marian collection is made rattan materials.

“There comes a time that we tend to collect luxury brands, you get blinded by it.”

“Wearing traditional fabrics is a way to show them that i support them. I support locals, it makes it even more meaningful to wear clothes that are locally made.”

Marian revealed that she sold most of her branded clothes to buy ane support local ones.

“I sold them then i bought locally made brands. Endorsing Kultura open my eyes. How beautiful and how great are filipino aristan on making different products. Let’s support Gawang Pinoy.”

“Before whenever i can, i buy branded things but now, what for? Now it’s more meaningful because they are filipino made.”

Marian recently share a clip of Zia helping her arrange and prepare orders for Flora Vida. Zia were seen arranging boxes, she captioned, “Mama’s assistant.”

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Good Job Ate Zia!

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Marian also said she is teaching Zia to appreciate the beauty of our country. “I’m influencing her, there are so much places in the philippines to explore. I want Zia and Ziggy to appreciate the beauty of their country.