Marian and Zia’s beauty secret?

Marian and Zia’s beauty secret?

Cat Arambulo posted an adorable photo of Zia and Marian while using one of her product ‘Black Obsidian Roller.

She posted, “I get kilig seeing some of my favorite peeps using my BeautyMNLxCat Mini Black Obsidian roller.

Full disclosure: I gifted everyone ha (they didn’t have to buy it) expect for the shoe-fie photo.

FAST FACTS: The Black Obsidian Face Roller is the stone of self-acceptance. And helps you embrace all aspects of your physical and emotional self.

Ultimately, Black Obsidian’s primary benefit is that of protection. Because of its ability to draw in bad energy, it protects its user from negativity.

This gemstone often speaks to the minimalist, and is connected to the root-chakra to promote balance and inner-peace.

It has a strong healing energy, and is known to aid in improving your mental wellbeing. While releasing your emotional blockages.

Its strong vibrations also act to remove built-up stress and self-doubt. Black obsidian is excellent for calming and softening the skin. While minimizing the appearance of pores, and helping to prevent breakouts.

Massaging meridian points with an acupressure beauty wand firms up skin, reduces wrinkles, and stimulates collagen.

Using a crystal roller can help your skin absorb products (such as serums) better, and is said to reduce dark under-eye circles.

Whether using the acupressure beauty wand or the crystal roller, massaging your face encourages blood circulation and cell rejuvenation as well as lymphatic drainage.

PERFECT FOR: Anyone in need of protection and balance, people on the go.

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