General cleaning of the Team Dantes House

General cleaning of the Team Dantes House

The Dantes family seek the help of the Ninja Made PH for a general cleaning of their home before and after the new year.

Ninja Made PH posted their gratitude to the Dantes Family.

“After an awesome year as 2019, it is safe to say that we ended the year and started 2020 with a big bang!.

How best to wrap it all up than a deep cleaning mission with none other than the Dantes family!.

It is worth mentioning that they were too wonderful to let their household helps go on vacation to spend the holidays with their families.

And without a doubt, we were just more than ecstatic to lend our Ninja hand to help Marian Rivera and Dong Dantes deep clean every square inch of their lovely home in preparation for their year-ender party.

It has been an amazing day for us, Ninjas, but nothing beats a repeat! Today, we had the opportunity to service their home once again and do an after-party deep clean up.

We can not even begin to express how much pleasure it was to be part of helping the Dantes family embrace and start their new year off with a clean, fresh home.

We have no better words, but thank you, Marian and Dong, for choosing us and for placing your trust in us. You’ve given us, Ninjas, a New Year to remember.”