Dong and Yan celebrated their 5th year anniversary

Dong and Yan celebrated their 5th year anniversary

Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera-Dantes are celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary today.

The couple went to Dakak Beach Resort with their 2 children, Zia, Ziggy and closest family to celebrate their 5th year anniversary.

Dong and Marian got married last December 30, 2014 at immaculate conception cathedral. They even invited 100 of their fans to the wedding.

Dong posted a sweet message for his wife on his instagram account.

“For as long as we remain solid (like our commitment to cliche poses), we will weather any storm. Happy to be jumping off dangerous cliffs with you for these past 5 years, my love. Lumundag pa tayo, Beybe!.”

2 kids later, Dong and Marian are so sweet as ever, they are together for 11 years now and counting. 6 years as boyfriend and girlfriend and 5 years as husband and wife.

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Dong also shared a beautiful shot taken by Marian, Dong carrying their children Zia and Zigg.

“We kinda blocked her beautiful view from bed, but she ended up getting my camera and snapped this instead.”

Happy Anniversary DongYan!