Marian and Dong alone time

Marian and Dong alone time

The Dantes Family were spotted earlier this morning at the airport.

As we all know it has been a tradition of the Dantes Family to take a vacation in between christmas and new year.

So many suspected that they are going out of town for their holiday family vacation, Marian shared a sweet clip of her and Dong.

Marian captioned her post, “I love you mahal ko.” It looks like the parents of two are having some alone time.

Ofcourse Zia and Ziggy came with them. Dong and Marian will also be celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary on December 30th.

The Dantes Family are staying at Villa Angelina Luxury Suits at Dapitan City.

A Rustic elegance in comfort and style right in the heart of the renowned Dakak Park and Beach Resort.

Villa Angelina Luxury Suits is also one of celebrities favorite getaway place. Celebrities like Alden Richards and Julie Anne San Jose were also spotted having their vacation there.

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