A glimpse of Marian’s life at home

A glimpse of Marian’s life at home

Marian and Dong Dantes are both hands on parents to their children Zia and Ziggy. Even though they are busy they make sure to spend time with thei children

Recently, Dong posted on his instagram why spending time with Zia is very important.

“I really value moments like this. Spending time to play with Ate Zia does not only strengthen our bond as father and child. But also helps with her holistic development and well-being.”

“Letting her play with others too gives her the opportunity to develop social adaptability, creativity, and physical and mental health.”

“As we celebrate the National Play Advocacy Week, let’s promote PLAY and ensure that our children enjoy the right to engage in recreational activities that will help them become the best versions of themselves.”

Meanwhile Marian’s friend Ms. Shyr Valdez shared a candid moments of Marian with Zia and Ziggy.

She recently visited Marian at their home and posted a stolen shot of Marian with her children.

Marian was seen feeding Ziggy while also looking after Zia who’s busy coloring. Whenever Marian is home she is just like any other Moms out there taking care and looking after her children.

“Sorry Ate Buns di ko napigilan mag stolen shot. Ang cute nyo tignan. Mommy Na Mommy mode ka talaga pag nasa house mo.”