Ziggy met his cousin Shiloh!

Ziggy met his cousin Shiloh!

Last saturday Marian Rivera and Dong Dantes held a another birthday party for their 4 year old daughter Zia.

It was Zia’s second birthday party. Her first party for her schoolmates had a unicorn theme.

This time around Zia’s birthday party theme was Barbie. Dong and Marian want Zia’ birthday to be memorable, that is why they invited Zia’s closest friends.

Zia’a favorite aunts and uncles, also her cousins attended the party. She’ also very happy to received many gifts from her guests.

Zia wore a pink princess dress with a pink hair ribbon. It became a hot topic in social media, netizens and fans also greeted Zia through different social media platform.

In the party, Ziggy got to meet his cousin, Shiloh.

Shiloh is the daughter of Dong’s cousin Arthur Solinap and actress Rochelle Pangilinan. Baby Shiloh was born only a month before Ziggy, so Ziggy and Shiloh are batch mate.

Shiloh Jayne P. Solinap, She is 8 months old.

Our handsome boy welcoming his cousin to the party. He was so amused.

Ziggy with Momma Marian and Shiloh with Daddy Arthur.

Thank you Arthur Solinap and Rochelle Pangilinan for the photos! The cousins look so adorable.