Cake Artist shares her experience with Marian as client

Cake Artist shares her experience with Marian as client

Both of Zia’s cake for her birthday celebrations were created by Sweet Creations by Mums.

It is own by baker and cake artist Jo-ann Tuazon. She recently shared her experience on meeting with Marian.

The first cake she created was unicorn-themed cake and the second one was barbie-themed cake.

She said that Marian reached out to her and politely inquired about their cakes.

“It was such a pleasant and sweet surprise when she reached out to me, politely inquired and asked about designs and prices.” She said.

Jo-ann also shared that Marian never asked for discounts and deals.

“Never asked nor suggested to get discounts or deals, just an appreciation of the art form and dedication we give to each cake we make. This was really appreciated on my end considering her profile and status.”

She also said that Marian is one of the nicest people she ever met. “Super easy to deal with and one of the nicest people I’ve met in a long time. Thank you so so much for choosing SCBM!”

Marian replied to her post telling how ate zia love her cakes, “Thank you so much, super happy ni ate zia sa mga cakes niya.”