Marian almost walk out of an interview

Marian almost walk out of an interview

Recently, our Kababayan in Mindanao suffered from earthquakes after earthquakes, and a lot of people are in need of help.

That is why Marian Rivera and Beautederm CEO Thea Anicoche-Tan together with Yes Pinoy Foundation are planning a project to help our Kababayan in Mindanao.

Marian said, “How can we help the people who are in need? So we talk about it. There are a lot of our kababayan in mindanao right now who are in need of food and basic necessities.”

Marian said Ms. Rei will help her project and will be giving tons of rice.

Ms. Rhea also said that she wants to have her own foundation as well, so she can also share all the blessings that she is receiving.

“We are too blessed, if God is blessing you, you have to share it. Your life will become happier if you make someone happy. If you make someone smile, the Lord will bless you a thousand folds.

Marian also said that God has answered all her prayers, and have blessed them so much. So all they want is to give back.

She also doesn’t want to entertain any negative questions or questions from past issues. When press tried to asked her about it, Marian jokingly walk out of the interview.