Marian Rivera’s reaction on meeting Lovi Poe again

Marian Rivera’s reaction on meeting Lovi Poe again

Marian Rivera want nothing but positivity in her life right now.

When she was asked about meeting Lovi Poe again at last week’s Sunday Pinasaya, Marian was all smile.

Marian said that people should not make any assumptions about the viral video of her and Lovi hugging eachother tightly that was circulating online.

Marian clarified that Lovi and her didn’t have any rift. Because they have different projects and Marian focuses on Motherhood, they haven’t gotten any chance to meet or talk.

“As we grow older it’s more beautiful to live life positively and everyone is smiling at you. Me and Lovi didn’t have any rift.”

She said that she’s happy she got to meet Lovi Poe again. They got to work together in a few GMA shows before.

I’m thankful that we got to see eachother again in Sunday. Pinasaya. We hugged eachother and chat. It’s nice to catch up with her. ”

Marian said being a mother is a big factor why she has a positive outlook in life.

“I’m old, i have two children, i want my children to understand that it’s better to live life positively and give nothing but love.”