Dong’s sweet appreciation post for Marian

Dong’s sweet appreciation post for Marian

The Dantes family went to bohol last weekend, they went to loboc River floating restaurant where they played Marian’s 2009 hit song ‘Sabay Sabay Tayo.’

Marian gamely dance to it while she was feeding Zia. Dong captured the moment in photos mesmerized by her wife.

Dong gushes about his wife on his instagram post. He posted a series of photos with the caption, “Wala talagang kupas! Dancing to the famous tune of Sabay Sabay Tayo while cruising down the beautiful Loboc river in Bohol.”

Dong added on the comment section, “Partida nagpapakain pa yan ng bata.”

Here are some more photos from Dong’ post.

Marian is so adorable!

Here’s a slide show for more photos:

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Walang kupas 😁

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