Marian and Zia’s new tvc

Marian and Zia’s new tvc

Nido 3+ just released the new tv commercial of the mother-daughter duo Marian Rivera-Dantes and Zia Dantes.

“Zia is growing up fast, it seems like only yesterday that all she could say is Mama and Daddy. Now, she knows a lot of new words.” Marian said.

“She love to sing and dance, and she is growing independent because i let her do things on her own.”

But marian reminds, “Moms, we still to guide our kids. But remember, at their age we shouldn’t treat them as babies anymore.”

“As much as i can, i control what she eats. Too much sugar can be bad. That’s why her milk has to have the right level of sugar.”

“That’s why i give Zia Nido 3+ everyday. It has nutrients that helps in digestion, protection, over all growth and brain development.”

“For the growing up years, give growing up milk. So Mommies, say yes to nurturing toddlers and pre-schoolers. Yes to Nido 3+.”

Zia even has a cute message at the end of the video. So make sure to watch until the end. She’ super cute!

Meanwhile there’s more to come from the Dantes Squad. So stay tune for their other tv commercials.