Marian on values she is teaching Zia

Marian on values she is teaching Zia

In a recent interview of Marian Rivera-Dantes, she shared how she and her husband Dingdong Dantes discipline their daughter Zia.

Zia will be turning 4 years-old next month, she will be celebrating her 4th birthday on November 23rd.

Marian said that they doesn’t let Zia get everything that she wants.

Marian shared a story when she was grocery shoppinh with Zia. She said that Zia will ask for their permission first before getting what she wants.

“She will ask me first if she can have or get something. That’s what we taught her. To always ask for permission.”

“Everytime she wants something, she needs to ask our permission. She needs to ask us first.” She said.

Marian also shared that everytime they will buy Zia a toy or a gift, she can only choose one.

“Everytime we will get her a gift, like for example we will go to toy store,she can only choose one. She can’t have it all. Just one.”

Marian and Dingdong don’t want their kids to be spoiled. They also teaches Zia to use Po and Opo.

They are teaching her important filipino values at such a young age. Indeed Zia is growing to be very nice and polite little lady.

Good Job Mama Marian and Daddy Dong!