How Marian deal with Zia’s tantrums

How Marian deal with Zia’s tantrums

The entertainment press got to have a sitdown interview with Marian Rivera during the launching of one of her new endorsement.

Just like any other toddler, her 3 year-old daughter Zia sometimes get upset and throw a tantrum.

Marian shared how she handles Zia when she has tantrums.

“I talk to her, we talk one on one. She’s a kid no matter what you do she is a kid. There are times that she will really throw tantrums, i talk to her sincerely.”

Marian said that every parents has their own way of dealing with their kids tantrums.

“As a mother, we all have our own strategy how we handle our children’s tantrums.”

When it comes to Zia she said that she uses her acting skills.

“I use acting when it comes to Zia, she doesn’t like it when i act or pretend i’m hurt, when i pretend that i was crying. She will immediately stop, she doesn’t like to see me in pain and crying.”

Marian said when Zia see her crying, she would immediately approach her Mom, apologize and would say “Mama it’s ok, i’m so sorry.”

“If she see me crying, i’m just pretending ti cry. She would stop.”

Zia is such a sweet child.