DongYan sundate, where are they going?

DongYan sundate, where are they going?

After a busy week, Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes finally got the weeked for themselves.

Earlier this week, Dingdong had started taping again for his upcoming tv series, The Philippines adaptation of the hit korean drama Descendants of the sun.

Jennylyn Mercado was chosen to play the role opposite Dingdong, Dr. Maxine.

Earlier today, Marian shared a photo of Zia, learning how to write her full name, Maria Letizia. The photo was shared by her mother, Marian Rivera-Dantes.

Then just now, Marian shared a clip on her Instagram account of Dingdong driving. Marian said, “Oh.m my gwapo driver for today.” Dingdong replied, “Saan po tayo Ma’am?” (Where are we going Ma’am?). Marian told him to just keep going, “Sige lang, Magnininang si Nanay.” (Just keep driving i’m going to be a godmother today.)

It looks like they will attend a wedding reception or something. Daddy Dong look so handsome while driving.

Anyway it was announced today in Sunday Pinasaya that Marian will definitely return very soon.

Who’s excited for her comeback? We sure are!