Marian accompanied Zia for her school fieldtrip

Marian accompanied Zia for her school fieldtrip

Zia Dantes went on a field trip today, and she is accompanied by her Mother, Marian Rivera.

Marian is very hands on when it comes to her children. That is why she chooses to halt any tv series projects for now as she wants to focus on her kids.

Marian wants to be there for her kids, from cooking breakfast, preparing Zia for school, accompanying Zia to school and fetching her after school. Marian wants to be a full time Mom for her kids.

Earlier today, Zia had a field trip at Manila Ocean Park. Ofcourse Mama Marian was with her.

Here’s Marian and Zia taking a photo with a sea lion.

Ate Zia was so fascinated with the fishes.

Nemo is that you?

Big eye fish. Can you tell what kind of fish is this?

Ate Zia was so fascinated.

Ate Zia looking eye to eye with the yellow frog.

We will post more photos later!