This is what Zia is telling Ziggy whenever he cries

This is what Zia is telling Ziggy whenever he cries

Kapuso Primetime Queen Marian Rivera have doubled her life happiness and fun for having her 2 children Zia and Ziggy. She always mention that being a mother is the biggest blessing in her life.

While Dingdong is in Europe to participate in Berlin Marathon, Marian took her 2 children to museum.

Marian said that it is a challenge for her and Dingdong to ensure raising Zia and Ziggy to be good persons.

She said, “The challenge for us is how we can raise them to be good people, because what we look outside is just temporary.”

What she always say to Zia? “Always respect and obey.”Marian admits that it’s hard to look out for her 2 kids.

“Sometimes Zia is super hyper, where did she enherit that other than her mother.” she laugh.

Zia doesn’t get jealous of her baby brother, in fact, she really love her little bro.

“She love her brother so much, sometimes when Ziggy cry, she will say ‘It’s okay, Ate’s here.’ she’s like that.”

Ate Zia is such a responsible big sister. Zia will be celebrating her 4th birthday next Month, November 23rd.

It’s the first time Zia will celebrate as a big sister and with her baby brother Ziggy.