Marian Rivera cut her hair this short for the first time

Marian Rivera cut her hair this short for the first time

Marian Rivera-Dantes surprised everyone when she decided to cut her beautiful long hair to a shoulder length hair.

Yesterday, Marian surprised us even morr when she appeared for a schedule with even shorter hair.

She posted a series of photos with her new super short hair proving that no matter what hairstyle her beauty is top notch and she can definitely pulled it off.

“Short hair, don’t care! Love my chopped locks!” She posted.

It is the first time Marian cut her hair this short in years. The last time she cut her hair this short was when she was still in highschool.

Netizens and fans were mesmerized by Marian’s new hair.

Some of the comments are “Walang hindi bagay sayo!”, another fan commented, “Grabe sobrang ganda mo po.”

Another one said, “Pengeng ganda kahit isang paligo lang!”. One netizen commented, “maikli mahaba buhok man napaka ganda.”

Indeed Marian is so beautiful with her new hair.

Meanwhile, Daddy Dong will he flying back to Philippines this week. He will be reunited with Marian, Zia and Ziggy after being away for 10 days.

Dong recently completed the Berlin Marathon 2019. Good job Daddy Dong!