Ziggy’s facetime with Daddy Dong

Ziggy’s facetime with Daddy Dong

Marian gave her reaction about her children Zia and Baby Ziggy being the “most followed kids” in social media.

“I am very glad and thankful to those who love my children. It is indeed nice because even I myself are fond of my children too.” She said happily.

Marian is still an indemand endorser even now that she is a mother. She is the face of Reverie by Beautederm in Marquee Mall last week at Angeles Pampanga.

How do they decide when someone is offering their daughter Zia an endorsment?

“Before we accept a product, we ask Zia first ‘ Can you do it? Do you want to?’ we ask her because sje can decide for herself.

When she said, ‘Yes mama, I want that’ then ok let’a do it. If she doesn’t like it then no. We dont push her to do thing that she doesn’t want to.” said Marian.

Meanwhile, Dingdong is currently in Berlin for the BMW Berlin Marathon that will be held today.

Even though he’s far Dong always facetime his children. Marian shared an adorable momen