Marian, Zia and Ziggy are proud of Daddy

Marian, Zia and Ziggy are proud of Daddy

Marian happily shares how breastfeeding gave her fullfilment as a mother. And her secret to produce a lot of milk is this.

“Malungay and a lot of water really. I was few months pregant and I already taking malunggay.”

Marian have a last reminder to mothers like her, especially to the new ones that are still getting used to taking care of her children.

“As a mother, it is no joke to breastfeed your child, especially when you want it to last long, youre a workinng mom, have a lot of things to settle and have a career. Not all people are blessed so do your best.”

Dingdong is currently competing for BMW Berlin 42k Marathon as we write this.

Though Marian, Zia and Ziggy could not come with Dong, they are cheering for Dong from Manila. Marian posted, “Cheering for dada all the way from Manila to Berlin! Congratulations in advance and we’re super proud of you!”

We are praying for Dong’s success and safety. May he finish the raise safe and sound.