Marian Rivera’s message to her husband Dingdong Dantes before he competes to Berlin Marathon

Marian Rivera let Zia decide to choose what endorsment she will do.

Dingdong Dantes left the Philippines to go to Germany to participate in BMW Berlin Marathon 2019 that will held on Sunday Spetember 29 in Berlin.

Marian Rivera admits that she felt sad when her husband left but she is also happy at the same time because she knows this is what Dingdong dreams to do.

“I just said to him to take care of himself and always remember that there’s 3 of us waiting for him to comeback. so he needs to enjoy it and at the same time he should come back to us safetly.” she said.

“We prayed for him of course, We want him to enjoy it because its his dream. I want to give my support in that journey of his.” Marian added.

Even though she wants to go with Dingdong in Germany, she cant because she is taking care of her new born son Ziggy.

“It is really a wrong timing because we have a 5 month old infant and we cant travel that far with our2 children.” she reacts.

Isn’t she nervous for her husband.

Marian answered. “I know him and he can do it. He will not enter something he can’t do.”

According to Marian. Dingdong will be gone for more than two weeks.