Seeing this makes Ziggy smile

Seeing this makes Ziggy smile

Even though Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes are both celebrities, they will not encourage their children Zia and Ziggy to join showbiz.

During Marian’s contract singing with Mega Prime as their Ambassador for 3 years now, the press asked Marian if they will allow Zia and Ziggy to enter showbiz.

At first Marian was hesitant to answer it but after a while she said, “As i said before, me and my husband talk about this. We want our kids to finish school first.”

“We will support them in anything they want to do, if they want to join showbiz and it’s in their blood. We will support them. But we have one condition, they must finish college first.”

Zia has many endorsements now, Marian said they asked Zia first if she wants to do any endorsement. If Zia will refuse, then they will not do it.”

What is Marian’s reaction to those people judge them for letting Zia do endorsements at such an early age?

“Zia has her own bank account. All her earnings she will get when she turn 18.”

Marian said before that Zia enjoys seeing herself on television. She loves doing tv commercials and love to be in front of the camera.

One of the products Zia endorses is Nido 3+, here is Ziggy’s cute reaction when he saw his Ate Zia’s photo in the box of Nido. So adorable.

He love his Ate Zia so much!