Marian and Zia try Tinikling

Marian and Zia try Tinikling

The staff of Dessert Museum and Kalbay Museo went on a frenzy and freaked out when Marian Rivera came with her two children Zia and Ziggy.

They were so surprised but delighted that Marian and her two children visited the two museum. Marian shared plenty of photos on her social media account, it brings nothing but good vibes to everyone.

It also became an education tour for Zia. While Ziggy is too young to understand anything, he enjoyed it so much.

“Ate Z and Ziggy and I got to visit Luzon, Visyas and Mindanao all in one morning and got to watch traditional Filipino dances.” Marian posted.

Marian and Zia also tried dancing Tinikling, Tinikling is a traditional Philippine folk dance which originated during the Spanish colonial era.

Though Marian is busy, she always finds time to spend with her two children. We will get to see Marian again on Sunday Pinasaya next month. Are you excited for her return?