This is how conservative Dong is when it comes to Marian and Zia

This is how conservative Dong is when it comes to Marian and Zia

Does it have a higher quality Compare to other imported products?

“It’s difficult to be straight forward, let’s just focus on this endorsement, it’s filipino made, it’s high quality and it’s one of my favorites. Let’s not compare it with others.”

What is Dong’s favorite scent?

“He loves mint, me and Zia love lavender and into woods. But when i’m cooking in the kitchen i love candy scent. It makes the smell disappear.”

Dong is very busy, when he’s home how does he make up with Zia? “He play with her.”

Does Dong knows how to change diapers? “Yes he knows how to change diapers.”

Dong is very supportive husband to you, “Yes he is very supportive and i am blessed to have a very supportive partner in life. I can’t do it all without him.”

Is Dong a conservative Dad? Because when you dressed Zia up with the hula costume it seems like he didn’t like it.

“It’s so funny, i told him Zia’s school has a party and the theme is hula, so i dressed her up. He came from taping and sleep deprived, he came down and saw Zia, he said, ‘What is this?! Give her a jacket!”.

So Dong is very conservative? “Yes, he told me i need to wear a cycling all the time, what more when it comes to her daughter?”.