Marian, Zia and Ziggy visit Lakbay Museo

Marian, Zia and Ziggy visit Lakbay Museo

Marian Rivera-Dantes went on a wednesdate with her kids Zia and Ziggy. She took them in 2 different museum.

They first visited Dessert Museum, and right after they went to Lakbay Museo.

According to the official site, “Lakbay Museo is a new way to experience what the Philippines has to offer. Adventure through all the regions of the Philippines in just 2 hours, with exciting activities and treats to boot!”

Marian shared some photos on her Instagram account, she said, “Learning while having fun at at the Lakbay Museo today! Ate Z, Ziggy and I got to visit Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao all in one morning and got to watch traditional Filipino dances. I highly recommend this place to spend time with your family and friends.”

Our resident Darna keeping the aswangs away.

Ate Zia what is that fish you are holding?

Mama Marian and Zia balancing palayok.

Adorable Ate Zia.

Mama Marian and Ate Zia watching tribal show.

Mama Marian posing with some of the staff of Lakbay Museum.

Beautiful Mom and Daughter tandem.

So cute ate Zia!

Thank you Mama Marian for sharing the photos!