Baby Ziggy is spotted out and about

Baby Ziggy is spotted out and about

Marian Rivera-Dantes gave her reaction about her kids Zia and Ziggy being the “most followed kids” in social media.

“I’m grateful that a lot of people love my kids. Thank you for the love. I understand why they are fond of my kids.” She said.

Marian is still an endemand endorser even if we don’t get to see her often on television. Since Marian is focusing on her 2 children.

She is the face of Reverie by Beautéderm Home and she was present for the opening of it’s flagship store in Marquee Mall last September 8.

But how do they drcide when it comes with Zia receiving endorsement offers.

“Before accepting any endorsements, we asked her first, ‘Do you like this?’ Because she can speak and decide already.” Marian said.

“When she said, ‘Yes Mama, i like it.’ Then ok we will do it. When she doesn’t then we don’t.”

Today, Marian took her two children for a date, Marian shared a clip of Ziggy, chilling while watching a show.

Marian said, that Ziggy is such a calm and chill baby. But he is also very bubbly.

Just look at him in this clip. He is so chill. Quietly watching the show.

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