Zia and Ziggy’s different personalities.

Zia and Ziggy’s different personalities.

Marian Rivera-Dantes opens up about her two children in a recent interview with the entertainment press.

She was asked about her adjustments now that she has two children under 4 years old.

“Being a first time mom, you have a lot of things to get used to. But now, someway you are calm because you know what to do and what routine to make.” She said.

The press asked Marian does she notice any difference between Zia and Ziggy? Marian said Zia and Ziggy have different personalities.

“Well they have different personalities but we can manage it. In Zia before, the more shes growing, the more she became energetic while on the other hand, Ziggy is just chill. Hes a chil boy.”

But she said that both Zia and Ziggy are bubbly and always smiling. They definitely got it from their Mom.

“One thing for sure in Ziggy is hes very bubbly. I think she takes that from me. He and I always smile.”