Marian Rivera on Zia being a social media darling

Marian Rivera on Zia being a social media darling

Marian Rivera is so fresh when we GMA News got to talk to her recently. 5 months after giving birth, Marian’s sexy figure is back.

Marian is also back to work, she is back hosting Tadahana. “I’m coming back to Sunday Pinasaya this october. Aiai keep asking me to comeback.”

But Marian said she is not ready to comeback making tv series. “3 times a week, morning to morning. It’s a huge adjustment. We’ll get there.”

Their first born Zia Dantes became a social media darling. “Thank you to everyone who loves my daughter.”

Even though Marian is sad that Dingdong is leaving for Berlin she supports him because it’s his dream.

“I just said to him to take care of himself and always remember that theres 3 of us waiting for him to comeback. so he needs to enjoy it and at the same time he could come back to us safetly.”

“We prayed for him of course, We want him to enjoy it because its his dream. I want o give my support in that journey of his.”

“Altough Im not going to be there physically, but I know him and he can do it. It is really a wrong timing because we have a 5 month old infant and we cant travel that far with out 2 children.”

“I know him and he can do it. He will not enter something he cant do.”