Marian Rivera and Dong Dantes, are they building their dream home?

Marian Rivera and Dong Dantes, are they building their dream home?

Marian Rivera is the first celebrity endorser to go in the first flagship store of Beautederm last Wednesday afternoon at Marquee Mall Angeles City.

This is the 88th store of Beautederm where you can find different kinds of hime scents products of Reverie for Beautederm endorsed by the Primetime Queen.

Sunday is the grand opening of the store
but Marian go there earlier because she is the real face of Beautederm home.

Thats where Marian shared that they will release new product, a Beautederm diffuser.

we asked her about the dream house of her and Dingdong is currerntly being built. “Secret,” she answerd smiling.

We insist of asking her but she keep on dodging the topic.

We told her that Beautederm home scents is perfect for their upcoming house.

We heard that it is currently in onstruction but its yet unknown if it will be finish sooner or later.

She answered yes when asked if the new house is their big project this year. But she didnt want to give any details about it for now. “Just ask him (Dingdong),” Marian’s safe answer.

Marian enjoyed when the topic is about her taking care of their 2 cchildren. She gladly share that Ziggy is much energetic now that he is 5 months old.

She said that Ziggy is so bubbly, she thinks Ziggy is like her.

Meanwhile, Marian feeling kinda sad because Dingdong is leaving to Germany to participate in 2019 Berlin Marathon.

The said event will held on Spet 29, but he needs to practice there before it starts. “We prayed for him pf course, We want him to enjoy it because its his dream. I want o give my support in that journey of his. Altough Im not going to be there physically.

“I know him and he can do it. He will not enter something he cant do. I just said to hime to take care of himself and always remember that theres 3 of us waiting for him to comeback. so he needs to enjoy it and at the same time he could come back to us safetly.” Marian said.

Marian will be returning in Sunday Pinasay next month. Thats all she can do for now in GMA.

They can start talking about the series she needs to do by next year.