Zia getting drums lessons from her Daddy Dong

Zia getting drums lessons from her Daddy

Zia Dantes are getting drums lessons from none other than her Daddy Dingdong Dantes.

Dong posted a short clip of Zia while playing the drums. She is so serious to learn drums. And it looks like she is learning fast.

In other news, The Press got to catch up with Marian this week and asked her questions regarding her new endorsement.

What is the essence of being a Tough Mama?

“You are a Tough Mama if you can balance being a wife and a mother while working. All mothers are tough, it depends on the religion cause it includes having faith and trust on God to be tough.

I was at very young age when I learn from my mother and my lola how to be tough. especially my lola because she took care of me while my mother is working abroad.

“And that is what I like when I was offered to be brand ambassador of Tough Mama. I didnt knew that the appliances I bought bevfore were made by them, uintil it was offered to me to endorse. Thats why I assure you all that everything have great quality.”

At the mediacon, Marian show off her talent on cookibg using all the different appliances Tough Mama have together with a chef. She said that at their home, its impossible not to cook ZDingdong and Zia’s favorite food, spaghetti.

That is why Marian is indeed a tough Mama because other than taking care of her husband and children, she came back to work hosting Tadahana every Saturday and next month she will be back at Sunday Pinasaya.