Marian Rivera on Dong Dantes leaving for Berlin Marathon

Marian Rivera on Dong Dantes leaving for Berlin Marathon

Marian Rivera is happy for her husband Dingdong Dantes for participating in the upcoming BMW Berlin Marathon 2019 that will held in Berlin Germany this Sep 29th.

Although, of course, she admitted that she is quite sad about her husband departing for two weeks and at the same time, she is also happy because she knows that this is her husband’s dream.

“I just said to him to take care of himself and always remember that the three of us are waiting for him to come back in the Philippines.

Also that he needs to enjoy there and at the same time he safetly return to us,” Marian said when we interviewd her at the soft opening of beautederm flagship store in Marquee Mall, Angeles, Pampanga held last wednesday.

Does she gave a lucky charm to her husband?

“Kiss left and right,” she said smiling.

Though Marian is sad Dong is leaving and she will miss him very much, Marian is very supportive to her husband.

“We pray for him of course. Let him enjoy this because its his dream. In this journey of his, I want to support it.” Marian added.

Marian and their children couldnt come with Dingdong in Germany because its hard for her to travel with their children, especially now that she has an infant to take care with.

“It is really wrong timing because we have a 5 month old baby and Germany is a really far country. Its hard to travel that far with a kid and an infant with you.”

Doesnt she get nervous?

“He can do it, I know him and he can do it. He will not enter something he cant do.” They will accompany him in the airport because they might get sad seeing him go.

She helped Dong packed his belongings for tomorrow’s flight.

Good Luck Dong!